"I believe this industry is based primarily on reputation, I have always strived to be the best in whatever I endevour.
Top quality service and satisfaction have always been a major priority of mine since the beginning,, rest assured.
I'm passionate about what I do; I rarely dissapoint my clients, I have an extensive list of repeat clientele, along with reviews that can speak for themselves..."

07-23-2012, 11:04 PM#1



Gina Ferrara

Any one have info on her? www.shemalecanada.com/escort/ginaferrara/


07-24-2012, 05:34 PM#2



She seems kinds of weird!

09-01-2012, 06:50 PM



I am merely more than just a fantasy in your deviant little minds, Sure I'm perceived as unpretentious and enigmatic to some of you, but there is something more delightful about me submerging from the depths of my creative pores. Firstly, I would like to start off by questioning your allegation towards me and your claim of how I seem "weird"? I would like to disregard your testimony for unintelligently failing to leave out the minor details you unprovide to prove your statement true. And, in fact, if anything is more "weird" than making simple assumptions about someone you have never met, be sure their is not. Leave your invalid Internet insults out of here & stop living in a subcultured world that narrow-mindedly sees in only one direction, like yourself, quit pathetically living your life in lethergy of regret for failing to stay true to yourself and others, cause I'm almost certain of who I am, and you are not, because people like me only exist in your mind. Stop thinking with your dick and unpleasantly calling me with no intention at Innapropriate times of the day asking for irrelevant information, cheaps bids, and last minute arrangement changes. I will not infect my sentence structures with lame, self-proclaimed synonyms often used by "other girls" for sell-out purposes, although I can clearly see my own image in the mirror, I prefer to appreciate the compliments often given to me by others, I am hardly self absorbed, people respect that about me and so do I. Upon meeting me you will undoubtfully be hypnotized by my grace and unforgettable green eyes, skyscraper legs, and romantic rouge colored lips, my hair is more natural than some, and my intelligent use of vocabulary and ability to hold a comfortable conversation unakwardly, are only a few of my pristine qualities that prevail. I'm not a big fan of negotiating, inexpensive offers are repulsive to me, Although fairness is que, and so you know, cognitive dissonance is really unnatractive and multiple repeats consequent in screened numbers that are futuristically ignored. Mystery is my magic, I'm hardly sorry for offending you...


09-01-2012, 06:54 PM#4


Wooo... your too smart for me. I tried understanding your ad and then reading that and woooossssh right over my head.No offence hunny but I can't be in the same room as you i'll be so lost I'll end up falling out of my chair.Could you explain to me and others simply what you ment, not all of us are that intelligent. Sorry everyone but I know there has to be someone else on the forum that is lost and is thinking the same as I am.


09-02-2012, 09:12 AM#5



What's not to understand? She strikes me as a thoughtful and thought provoking individual. Read what she has written carefully, and you'll see she's just saying what the other ads say: "Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours."I for one, am intrigued.



09-02-2012, 10:06 AM#6



It's weird how I respond to this thread last night and I go to a club and I see her there and she approaches me. Sweet girl, who I had mis understood.She is tall, a little unpolished but she just started and I think she is off to a great start .Like I suggested to her though, she should have a easy readiers section and then advanced since not everyone is that skilled at grasping the topic and understanding.Plus to put her stats and at least a basic rate on her ad since she told me she gets alot of people trying to barter the price since none is listed which is understable.Gina if your reading this it was a pleasure meeting you last night, I liked whatever perfume you were wearing very polite, personable and remember don't let anyone get you down follow your heart and it will always guide you in the right way. Never second guess your heart because if you second guess your dreams, life and other aspects of what is going to help you on your journey then it will be even harder to get to where you want to be.And most importantly take most things with a grain of salt, don't let things get to you. When you think its bad its not always as bad as it seems. Depending on what it is.Keep smiling and hope you enjoyed the club.



Trusted & Reputable



09-02-2012, 03:03 PM#7



I agree with you, intriguing! I enjoy conversation and I will assume that Gina also does based on her writing. I do get the feeling that it could go anywhere with her which would probably make it all the more interesting. How would you prepare if you were so inclined? For a test (as well as fun) I'd like to try running my moist lips and mouth up and down her cock, nibble on her nursack and balls and back to the cock over and over and over. Words would not be the only thing flowing from her! I wonder how good her conversational abilities would be then.






09-02-2012, 03:09 PM#8



Quote Originally Posted by kokinme View Post

I agree with you, intriguing! I enjoy conversation and I will assume that Gina also does based on her writing. I do get the feeling that it could go anywhere with her which would probably make it all the more interesting. How would you prepare if you were so inclined? 

For a test (as well as fun) I'd like to try running my moist lips and mouth up and down her cock, nibble on her nursack and balls and back to the cock over and over and over. Words would not be the only thing flowing from her! I wonder how good her conversational abilities would be then.

Yes she does know how to conversate, I had to ask the meaninng of a couple words various times.




05-14-2013, 05:33 AM#1


Shemale Escort Review Form - Canada

Date of Session May 2013


Provider's Name: Ts Gina Ferrara

Provider's City: Kelowna

Was the provider visiting this city? Yes

Overall Looks Rating: 10

Appearance as Advertised: Yes

Breast Size: Small

Implants? No

Height: Tall

Provider's Body Shape: Thin

Cock Length: Long

Cock Thickness: Average

Ball Size: Medium

Pubic Hair: Hairless

Functional? Hard when it counted

Cums? Yes

Providers's Orientation: Top

Oral? I Gave

Covered Oral? No

Anal? I Recieved

Kissing? Yes

Where did you find this provider? Shemale Canada and backpage


This Session was an: Incall


Overall Service Score: 9


Would you see this Provider again? Yes


Session details:

Her ad was on backpage, contacted her regarding when she would be coming to Kelowna. She got back to me right away. Checked out her profile on shemale canada, she is way better looking in person it's not even close. Set up time with her and what I was looking for. Met her at her room and was pleasantly surprised by how good looking she is. Took care of business. She then had me get undressed and had me suck her making me deepthroat her. Very nice cock. Her phone rang and she went to take the call, really no big deal as I got on my knees and blew her while she was on the phone. Then asked her to fuck me. She covered up and proceeded to fuck me hard from behind. Felt great. Asked her if I could suck on her some more, she said sure and I proceeded to suck her until she blew her load in my mouth. Blew my own load a couple minutes later. All in all I didn't know exactly what to expect but she definately was worth it. Since there have been no reviews for her I thought I should post.




05-14-2013, 01:36 PM#2



Thanks for the review.........According to her ad on SC.......she is coming to Victoria...... I actually came across a video interview she did. She is well spoken and demure in nature.......that is what I got from the video. 

05-15-2013, 03:55 PM
Guess What

 Gina Ferrara - Toronto = Review



Shemale Escort Review Form - Canada

Date of Session May 2013

Provider's Information

Provider's Name: Gina Ferrara

Provider's City: Toronto

Was the provider visiting this city? Yes

Provider's Telephone: 416 580 3658

Provider's Website: http://www.shemalecanada.com/escort/ginaferrara/

Providers Background: European/Canadian

Overall Looks Rating: 7

Appearance as Advertised: Yes

Breast Size: Small

Implants? No

Height: Tall

Provider's Body Shape: Thin

Cock Length: Long

Cock Thickness: Average

Ball Size: Medium

Pubic Hair: Shaved

Functional? Hard when it counted

Cums? Yes

Providers's Orientation: Will do anything

Oral? Both Ways

Covered Oral? No

Anal? No Anal

Kissing? Yes

Session Description & Details

Where did you find this provider? http://www.shemalecanada.com/escort/ginaferrara/

This Session was an: Outcall

Overall Service Score: 5

Would you see this Provider again? MAYBE.......but.......this was more of a CD experience....She is getting breasts......soon and if she becomes more feminine.......that sure would help. to be fair.....she was not ready for the appointment


Session details:

Overall a very well spoken and truly a nice person. Caught her early in the morning, perhaps not in her best appearance. Took my call earlier in the morning and then fell back to sleep, so I kind of woke her up, and she had to rush to get ready. We did mutual oral and she does have a great cock!! Started with 69 and then I moved to end of bed and she fucked my mouth, and then shot a HUGE load on my face and mouth.!! Then we tried for a second shot.......but it was not in the cards......and I jerked off with her fucking my mouth. Nice! She is getting a breast implant soon.....and that will round out the package so to speak. She will be in Victoria......( according to her SC page until May 21st). I think if she had time to prepare....my score would have been higher. I would say on a scale of 10. Her appearance was a 5. Her attitude was a 8 and her service was a 9.

Last edited by Guesswhat; 05-19-2013 at 11:59 AM. Reason: forgot to mention Victoria as the city for the incall.

06-16-2013, 09:21 PM

 Gina Ferrara - Ottawa = Review


I texted Gina during the day and she replied right away. I am very new ti this hobby and have only been with one other girl. Guess I'm trying to get across that I was nervous! Gina was totally cool and assured me we'd only do what i was comfortable with.

By this point i am extremely horny at the thought of exploring this fantasy. Via text we had discussed my interest in just oral and she was in line with my request. Now i just had to pass the time until our date. I mention this because i had a massive hard on the whole time. Including the drive there!

I showed up yo her penthouse suite nervous and excited. I could not have been happier when the door opened. She was better looking than every picture i had seen of her. She was tall in heels dlim sexy body with long sexy blond hair and a hot face!

She welcomed me into the hotel room, business aside i sat on the couch and she sat beside me and grabbed my face and started passionately making out with me. Her other hand was down grabbing at my cock that was already rock hard. She stopped kissing and said come to my bed.

Of course i followed. I laid on my back and she got up a knelt beside me her cock by my face. We kissed some more and she grabbed my cock through my pants and started massaging. I started rubbing her cock through her panties and could feel it was semi hard! She asked if i wanted to see it and i was so caught up i dong think i answered maybe just nodded. She pulled it out and it was amazing! Thick, soft skin, warm and long!!! I started stroking that beautiful thing and it starred me down. Im hard writing this now thinking about her beautiful cock.

Her cock out i couldn't resist and i opened my mouth and in she went. Grabbing my head she started humping my face! I loved it! Her cock was rock hard ad going in and out of my mouth gagging me with every thrust. Shes big guys!

My pants cone off and its time for some 69. All i can focus on his her great cock. I take my mouth off from time to time to stroke her huge cock and admire it. I pause to realize shes giving me great head.

She asks if i wanna get fucked. I say no but that ill fuck her. She hesitates but is game . Rubber on shes on her back legs up and guiding me in. I went slow at first and then really went at her ass! I loved looking down and seeing her cock flop around as i thrust in and out of her. Hearing her moan was amazing.

I could feel myself getting close. I said i wanted to pull out and not cum in her. She obliged. Back to 69 im rock hard and so is she. I feel her tensing as I'm doing my best to take her cock in me. I hear her moan she looks up and starts to shoot. Hot shots land on my chin and neck. I stroke her as her last drops come out. I lay my head back as she has kept on stroking me. Time for my load. I explode everywhere landing on myself and her! Pure bliss

She cleaned me with a warm towel as i laid back. Got dressed and had s few pleasantries. Shes a great girl, beautiful and easy to talk to! Will for sure repeat if she comes back.... Maybe before dye leaves.

I apologize for typos i wrote this on my phone.

Source: Tgirlforums.com,


Dec 27th 2012 9:32 AM

She is so sexy...stops me in my tracks.

--a regular guy    ,United States

Dec 10th 2012 3:44 PM

very very hot. please show your feet and toes

--mdw    ,United States

Nov 28th 2012 11:57 AM

hot scorpio.

--frantastic    ,United States

Nov 28th 2012 8:39 AM

Nice ass! I would love to push my cock deep inside you.

--Johnny    ,Canada

Nov 28th 2012 8:25 AM

she's so fucking hot! want more pics of her...please?

--derrick    ,United States




 Gina is a party girl who is still young enough to handle concerts and staying up all night! - Winnie Cooper


It’s been about a year since I last saw Gina and I was happy to welcome her to my new studio for a solo shoot. Armed with a new fabulous look, Gina was poised to turn you guys on as she spread her girly hole for my lenses. I captured her well adjusted asspussy so well with my camera, it is hard for me to believe that just a year ago it was still too painful for her to take just 7 inches. Gina has had a great year and has really come into her own. I love working with her.

Source: Kevin Dong


November 2013
Gina Ferrara - Kelowna = Review 


"Saw Gina Ferrara last weekend. Just graduated from school and promised myself a grad gift I would not forget. I was expecting to have to go to Vancouver for a session, but fate smiled on me and Gina was in my town at the right time. When she opened the door my senses were assaulted by numerous stimuli. First, and most noticeable because it never happened before EVER, the curtain was half open and I could actually see her. Every other session had been in a darkened room, and I'm not talking about sketchy tgirls either.

All of her advertised numbers appeared more or less correct except for the one hidden under her lingerie but I would soon find out that was fine too. Tall and skinny but not ungainly, she hugged me and my face was in her tits. (I'm not that tall). Perfect so far. Gina is young and beautiful, feminine voice, new to the business and not jaded.
I got the impression she was attracted to me (or maybe just happy I wasn’t old and fat?). I've said it before with one tgirl it was so natural like I picked her up in the bar but that analogy doesn’t fit in this situation. It was like Gina picked ME up rather than vice versa.

I lost my train of thought while drinking her in so she sat me down onto the bed, removed my shirt, then pushed me down, grabbed my cock and simultaneously kissed me. Now when one looks at the SMC advert and she says ‘top only, BSDM, naughty,’ and fetish twice, you might think that she might naturally be a bit aggressive. This is what I was there for. So from the kiss, she shinnied up my body, threw her cock in my face and told me to open my mouth. For one fateful mili-second before the engorgement began I had all of it in my mouth.

After the millisecond it was all a blur because she was instantly hard and she is a good size and girth and my eyes were watering like crazy. Demands like ‘take it’, ‘no teeth’ ‘open your throat’ echoed off the walls. I did my best, but often needed my hands to push her hips back so I could breathe. It was great. Then she tricked me. She told me to take off my pants and while I fumbled with my belt she leaned in and really fucked my face while I was defenseless. Heaven. Thanks to Alexis D Vyne and her cock lessons last summer, I survived the face fucking.

After various positions Gina had me on my back with my head off the bed and outstretched like a sword swallower. She slowly fed me her cock told me to open my throat and though I couldn’t see due to heavily watering eyes, felt like most of it went down my throat. It was easily the greatest fellatio session I have ever had. She then covered up and began the hard pounding. This is much easier for me and I pushed back.

After a while she told me not to move. I thought I was in the ‘premature ejaculating tgirl BS’ like others had done in order to cut the session short, but I was wrong. I stopped and she continued on for a while pausing occasionally in order to not blow her bolt. I was more than ready to bolt myself and when the time finally came I told her to shoot her load on my face. I licked her balls as she tossed then with a grunt she told me to open my mouth and there it came. There is bad tasting spunk and not-so-bad tasting. Gina’s I could actually swallow. Diet? All in all I had fun, hope to see her again, she is welcome out west anytime."

Source: Tgirlforums.com


REVIEW - Miss Gina Ferrara

"Finally got to cross out another entry on my to-do-list with Gina. I have banged quite a few of Toronto's hottest trannies over the years and I gotta say, Gina ranks right up there with the best. She's not as "finished" as Lucy (no one is) but she's young and from what I've read and seen online, she's improving. Gina has the look of a tall and thin runway model. Slim sexy body and very pretty face and a nice sized cock that stays hard and cums (so sweet tasting). Here ass is to die for; tasty too and tight. Gina is really into role playing so we acted out a little fantasy of mine (first of many to come) and we both had a great time.

Source: Tgirlforums.com

Niagara Falls = review

Setting up the appointment was really easy, just a few texts and and a call for confirmation the next day when i wanted to book. I noticed that i usually arrive right on time but the girls are usually finishing up getting ready and need a few extra minutes. Gina however was ready right on time so i had to take the coffee that i intended to drink while waiting, to go. Gina answered the door in some sexy lingerie and looked absolutely stunning. her photos do not do her justice at all. we started off by kissing while undressing. i sucked her hormonal breasts until i finally got down to her package. it didnt seem as large as she advertises but it was still pretty big. she likes to be very aggressive with it so there was a lot of throat fucking and gagging when i sucked her BB. I even had to run to the bathroom for a second because she was going really deep and hard. she also sat on my face so that i could go between sucking her and licking her ass. I found it so hot that she was suffocating me at times with either her cock far down my throat or her ass on my face. after quite some time of sucking her and licking her ass, it was time for me to receive. i am on the tighter side but she did a good job of entering me with minimal pain. she pounded away for about 10 mins until she told me she was going to cum. when she was ready, she pulled out and squirted a nice big load in my mouth and on my face. she then sucked me until i came over myself. after i caught my breath, i showered and got dressed while we chatted. gina is a beautiful girl and a great SP. I would love to see her again.

Source: Tgirlforums.com


This is my first review. In july I was staying downtown and saw Gina was available, I called her and after some safety measures (calling the lobby for my verification) she called me back and said she'd be over in an hour, I was like 'lets do it!' I had my eye on her for a while. I find her to be very cute. So she arrived on time. When I opened the door I couldn't believe how she was dressed- high heels, fish net stockings, the whole enchilada. I couldn't believe she walked thru the lobby that way, lol. If u call her to your home residence, I suggest telling her to tone it down a little. I might add she was strikingly tall- about 6-2 with heels, I am 6-1 so it wasn't too bad. Anyways, I thought she was hot as hell, young and cute and I couldn't wait too get my hands on her. Within minutes we were standing up nekked and kissing. Her cock is not quite as she describes, but it is a good size and shape, with a nice set of hanging nuts behind.. I told her that I was mainly just into oral, although it was apparent i could have got more. My biggest compliant was I had to wear a condom and she didn't. This doesn't make sense to me, as I'M the one paying, lol. Anyways because of this I didn't come, but she did-go figure. Did I waste my money- no I didn't. I could have banged her I just wasn't ready to do it. And I understand her protecting herself (although she really didn't because I still did bbbj on her?? --can someone explain the reasoning behind this ) Would I get her again- Absolutely she's hot. I blame myself for being a little too shy and indecisive.

Source: Tgirlforums.com


I saw Gina more recently and her pictures are exactly as advertised. She is very tall, thin and in my opinion very pretty. I was greeted with a hug and a smile. She is very pleasant and after speaking with her for a short while, I felt very comfortable. We began with LFK, all the while undressing each other. Her cock is as advertised, very long and average thickness. It is also very responsive, she stayed hard for the entire session. She advertises as being dominant and I suspect she would be very good at it, if this is what you are looking for. I, however, don't particularly like being dominated. She picked up on this very quickly, something I appreciated and feel speaks to her fantastic service. She also advertises being a Top and I am not a Bottom and didn't want to ask her to try. As such, we spent the hour getting into some very intense BBBJ. When she was ready, towards the end of the session, we both finished ourselves off while laying next to each other involved in some DFK, something I thought was very hot, as we came at the same time.

Source: Tgirlforums.com

Victoria =  Review

I had my first experience with a tgirl about 8 years ago and it was so terrible that I didn't try again until I saw Gina today. I couldn't be more glad that I did.When she opened the door to her hotel room I was speechless. She was absolutely stunning. She is tall, slim, has a gorgeous face and beautiful eyes. She greeted me with a sexy kiss that immediately got rid of my nerves. During the session she took charge and was just the right amount of dominant for me. I had never tried deep-throating until today, and wow, having her on my chest gagging me was just incredibly hot. Her cock is long, thick and delicious, along with the rest of her. After an amazing session she gave me a nice facial (another longtime fantasy of mine). Another review mentioned it and I'll back it up: her cum does taste really good.After we had cleaned up we had a nice chat for a little while before I left. She is an absolute sweetheart. A really nice girl and easy to talk to.I can't recommend her highly enough. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. I was feeling great for the rest of the day. I will definitely be seeing her again next time she is in town.

Source: Tgirlforums.com

Red Deer = Review

Had the pleasure to spend the afternoon with this lovely lady driving her from Edmonton to Red Deer with some play time afterwards. She is a genuinely nice young lady that is surprisingly down to earth and friendly. Personally her pictures do not do her justice.After getting to know her a bit, I couldn't resist playing with her upon her arrival to red deer. I only stayed for 30 mins because I was expected in Edmonton right away. She plays safe covering me up during oral but allowing me to bbbj her. She is dominant and a few times I almost suffocated as he laid on top of me and fucked my face. Loved every minute of it (and the sore throat for he next couple of days) Probably the sweetest cum I've ever tasted and cannot wait to see her again! She is saving for implants that will put her over the top. Thank you gina!

Source: Tgirlforums.com

So, I have seen a few tgirls over the years. I am not very active in the hobby. All of my experiences have been average at best, nothing that I felt compelled to write about. Well, that was until I met Gina.

Appointment was setup via text, which I prefer. I met Gina at the hotel in the Shwa. She is incredible looking. Her pics do not do her any justice at all. We have a little chit chat and then down to business.

Gina is a dominant top, which is what I was looking for on this day. She force fed me her cock on the bed causing me to gag a few times but I liked it. I am not very experienced at giving oral so Gina would give me instructions. She was clean and tasted great. We moved to a little 69 but I had to stop her as I was getting close. On to the main event it was... I am also not very experienced at being topped and was somewhat nervous. Gina tried for at least 10-15 minutes to try and get it in but I am very tight. She asked me to get in the shower for a bit to relax me and stretch myself a little. Out I came and we tried again for a bit. One of the things that helped get me going was a comment that Gina blurted out that really turned me on. She was clearly getting frustrated when she said "I really want it now"... that kind of relaxed me a little and then in it went. She pounded me doggy for a short time, continually putting the pillow over my face until I had enough. Maybe I should have started with a smaller girl! One of the reasons Gina was so great is I think she really understands what her clients want. She admitted she had a busy night and had probably seen a few clients, but she hopped on my face and began to jerk herself while I rimmed her. She knew that is what I was there for and was determined to get a load out. After about 10 minutes of this she managed to get a small load out in my mouth.

Overall a great experince. I can't wait to see her again. Gina....I wouldn't change anything about your appearance. You look great!
I should clarify that the uncovered oral was performed on her. It was covered on me